"I think 5 SPEED could have done the work in the dark! Fantastic job."
- Martin, Derbyshire

"5 SPEED has done virtually everything on my car that has been done so far and has pulled me out of the mire on more than one occasion."
- Neil, Melton Mowbray



Why do it?

The turbocharger solution potentially offers more power than you could ever need, whilst also offering enough adaptability to suit the individual driver. The MX-5 engine was based on a design that originally featured a turbocharger, so it is more than happy with the technology.

For a perfect example of what can be done with a turbocharged engine, look no further than 5 SPEED's own Project:Christine, which currently produces more than 400bhp thanks to a turbocharger!

Is it risky?

The standard MX-5 running gear is remarkably over-engineered and therefore is able to cope with increases in power, so this is largely dictated by the condition of your car. An MX-5 in good condition should have no problems coping with a relatively large power upgrade but this is something we would discuss with you in detail before any work began.

Will I be able to press a button to jump over lorries?

Sadly, 5 SPEED does not currently offer the type of Turbo Boost utilised regularly by Michael Knight in Knight Rider.