"We are lucky to have such quality MX-5 experts in the Midlands area"
- Dave, MX-5 owner

"5 SPEED sorted both my back brakes out in next to no time and did a great job. After asking if I had any other problems, 5 Speed sorted out my electric windows, cleaned up my K&N air filter, tightened my handbrake and took the slack out of the accelerator cable!"
- Andy, Derbyshire



What options are there?

There is a huge array of suspension options for the MX-5 and each offers its own strengths and weaknesses. We would encourage you to do your research before upgrading your suspension, or pop down to 5 SPEED for a chat about what might be suitable for you.

Broadly speaking, there are the following types of suspension:

Factory standard

Mazda was roundly praised for the handling of the MX-5, it is perhaps the ideal all-round option for comfortable road-use.


Offers maximum grip and minimum body roll, but it makes the car extremely stiff and uncompromising. Racing suspension is designed for track use only, so it is not suitable for road use if you value your spine.


Offers higher levels of grip and lower levels of body roll than Mazda's OEM kit, but at the sacrifice of some comfort and ride quality. This option is for those who occasionally participate in motor sport activities, but drive most of their miles on the road.


Many aftermarket kits provide adjustable ride-height and stiffness, so you can tweak the settings to suit your needs.