"I took my car to 5 SPEED and five days later I won the lottery! Coincidence? I think not"
(OK, we made this one up)

"After 5 SPEED fitted a new exhaust, my Roadster now sounds like it goes!"
- Kev, Nottingham



Why do it?

Adding a supercharger to an MX-5 is a relatively easy way to get a big leap in power. The effect is rather like having a bigger engine, as a supercharger increases power throughout the rev-range.

Is it risky?

The standard MX-5 running gear is remarkably over-engineered and therefore is able to cope with increases in power, so this is largely dictated by the condition of your car. An MX-5 in good condition should have no problems coping with a relatively large power upgrade but this is something we would discuss with you in detail before any work began.