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competition clutch

So, you've decided you're joining the dark side and that you'd like to upgrade your car to forced induction, now it's time to think about clutches. If you have a 1.6 you may find it slips even on a standard engine, If you own a 1.8 then a new standard clutch will hold up to 170lbft. For this reason we recommend upgrading to an 1800 flywheel with any performance upgrades.


For a more responsive engine and quicker acceleration it is worth considering a lightweight flywheel. From £245 in either aluminium or steel. What's more if you're replacing the clutch at the same time 5 SPEED will fit a flywheel for only £20!

We can provide used flywheels from as little as £50.

Standard clutch

Standard clutches start at less than £295 fitted including new spigot and release bearings.

Uprated clutch

For uprated clutches we use Competition Clutch as they are the only company we have found that are capable of manufacturing a clutch that will hold the extreme torque produced by Christine.

The stage 2 kits feature an organic carbon Kevlar friction plate that allows smooth and light engagement for road use. Stage 1 clutches will hold up to 180 LBFT and retails at just £278 + VAT.

And for serious power

For the serious track day enthusiast and high power cars we recommend the stage 4 kit. Featuring a ceramatallic paddle this clutch will hold up to an incredible 260lbft this clutch retails at £ 295 + VAT.