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A chief Mazda engineer for the original MX-5 project was asked what was the first thing he would change on a 60,000 mile car.

His answer? The suspension bushes.

Over time rubber sets and perishes and since there are 22 bushes on your beloved mx5, each one controlling an aspect of suspension movement, alignment and NVH reduction It follows that degraded bushes will seriously damage the smiles per gallon of your car.

Fortunately we have an answer and being the midlands MX-5 performance specialist we not only offer a cure but an improvement over original equipment in the form of Super - Pro Polyurethane Bushings

Super Pro polyurethane bushings have a number of design advantages over the Mazda rubber bushes and the clue to one is in the title,

Being made of polyurethane rather than rubber these bushes will not degrade in any petrochemical substance nor will they set in a particular position

A major design feature of Super pro bushes and advantage over the competition is the inclusion of a fully floating, captured grease arranged central mounting tube, this allows the bush and in turn the suspension wishbone to travel freely about its axis without being limited by the elasticity of a bonded tube as found in OEM bushings and some inferior one size fits all competitor's products, this results in faster more controlled suspension reaction as the damper is doing the job it was designed for instead of the bushing.