"I took my car to 5 SPEED and five days later I won the lottery! Coincidence? I think not"
(OK, we made this one up)

"5 SPEED have loads of knowledge, plus tea & coffee!"
- Steve, Nottinghamshire



Brakes, the last thing thought of by the boy racer, the first thing thought of by the serious driver.

5 Speed can cater for all your braking needs. From a set of standard pads for your 1600 to a set of SPORT brakes with uprated pads for your turbo track beast we've got you covered.

Project Christine, our Methanol injected, 500BHP/tonne Ferrari beater requires serious brakes, brakes that can stop her from 100mph quicker and in less distance than a Konnigsegg*.

The brakes that allow us to achieve this incredible feat are Axxis ULT and the good news is we stock a full range for ANY MX-5 from 1990 to 2010.

We stock a range of pads:

Budget For the price conscious, from less than £19 per axle.
These pads will provide adequate stopping power at an affordable price.
Mazda OEM For the concours fans, from £47 per axle.
Building a show winner? Need every detail to be correct? Then you need these, genuine Mazda pads at less than retail prices!
Axxis ULT Following in Christine's tyre tracks, need serious stopping power? Axxis Ultimate for the hardcore trackday enthusiasts from £49.

What about Brake discs? Multi Piston Calipers?

We use plain surface discs on project Christine and you should too. Here's why.


Plain brake discs start at less than £35, for fashionable grooved or drilled discs you would need to pay over three times that amount.


Plain discs have fewer stress risers, these sharp edges on grooves or cross drillings can allow cracks to appear, at best scrapping the expensive discs you purchased just one track day ago, at worst, potential catastrophic brake failure may occur.


Plain face brake discs are smooth and quiet in operation unlike grooved discs that can chatter under load. With less surface variation there is less likelihood of a plain disc causing brake judder.

Brake Calipers

The fact is, most multi piston setups require the use of non standard wheel offsets that introduce a scrub radius. Mazda designed superb brakes in the sliding calliper arrangement fitted to all MX-5s, allowing closer fitting wheels and simpler operation.

The MX-5 is a light car with impeccable balance, The secret to decent braking is decent brakes, and specifically decent pads, why waste money on complex arrangements that may cause issues obtaining replacement pads when 5 SPEED stock every pad you could possibly need!