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wheel alignment

Often overlooked on most cars until abnormal tyre wear is noticed, good wheel alignment is critical to the stability, braking and handling of your MX-5.

Using our high tech John Bean Snap-On computer alignment machine we can carry out full geometry setups to an amazing degree of accuracy.

Trained by Ferrari, Steven Morecroft is one of the midlands top wheel alignment specialists and being able to draw on his experience aligning some of the world's most exotic cars from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini allows him to set up your MX-5 to handle the way it was meant to.

Depending on your driving style we can set up your car for the safe easily controlled neutral handling of Mazda's standard settings or for the more accomplished driver we can apply the renowned Wheels In Motion Fast Road setup that will give astounding levels of grip and easily controlled breakaway characteristics at the limit.

If you hold either a racing licence or an advanced driving licence there is the further option of a Full Race alignment. These settings are only for the experienced competitor or driving specialist as the high levels of grip generated will mean the vehicle requires an experienced hand when the limits of adhesion are found.