"5 SPEED has done virtually everything on my car that has been done so far and has pulled me out of the mire on more than one occasion."
- Neil, Melton Mowbray

"5 SPEED have loads of knowledge, plus tea & coffee!"
- Steve, Nottinghamshire

You'll need a roof in winter!


The MX-5 has a great roof and they last for several years but eventually the material will wear, fade and cracks can appear. There isn't much to enjoy about sitting on a wet car seat, so don't put up with it!

If you have any water leaks during or after rain or snow, bring it to 5 SPEED and we can investigate the cause. It might just be a simple matter of blocked drains but if it's something more, 5 SPEED can supply and fit you a whole new roof at a very competitive price.

We might even be able to find you a towel to sit on as well.

Don't compromise on the quality of your new roof. You may see cheap alternatives but we only supply and fit the finest quality products for our customers.

5 SPEED Roof prices
Roof Material Window Colour Supplied Fitted
PVC Plastic Black £184.40 £334.40
PVC Plastic Coloured £208.40 £358.40
PVC Glass Black £334.40 £484.40
PVC Glass Coloured £358.40 £508.40
Mohair Plastic Black £287.40 £437.40
Mohair Plastic Coloured £311.40 £461.40
Mohair Glass Black £407.40 £557.40
Mohair Glass Coloured £419.40 £569.40