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Hard Dog Protection

rollover protection

You love driving your MX-5. Maybe you love driving it on track.

But what happens if the worst happens?

What happens if you roll your '5?

The Windscreen is designed to take the weight of an MX-5 when overturned at low speed - it won't hold in a high speed roll over (there are many pictures and vidos on the internet demonstrating this).

So what are the options?

A style bar for a couple of hundred quid?

These are designed to look good ONLY, they are not designed for rollover safety.

How about one of the many JDM or custom bars on the market?

Well take a look at the design; most bolt to the rear deck or seat belt towers. In a roll over the weight of the car is multiplied many times - if you can snap an M6 bolt with a small ratchet, or cut the rear deck with tin shears, are these components going to be able to stand the violence of a roll?

Highly unlikely.

The solution?

If you're going to fit a safety component, you need something that will work 100% effectively, first time - it's your life. You need a roll bar that's proven time and again, you need a roll bar that installs direct to the chassis box sections. You need a HARD DOG roll bar supplied and fitted by 5 SPEED.

If you're going to be seeing a lot of track action then you're probably going to want to fit harnesses - more good news here, many hard dog bars come with optional mounting eyes or loop over fixing bars for harnesses. Afterall, if you're going to fit a harness you need to fit it to something designed to take the load of a human body travelling at over 100mph, not a couple of eyelsets screwed into a cover plate.

The good news doesn't just include safety though, 5 SPEED can supply and fit a number of HARD DOG products in many different styles:

Want the AC Look? Then the Deuce is the Bar for you!

Do a lot of track days and like taking videos? Then the hard core and sport bars with optional Harness bars provide excellent mounting points for cockpit cams.

Don't just take our word for it (although we will be fitting one to Christine - the UK's fastest Roadster), have a look at the Hard Dog website.