About Project:Christine

Christine is the name of 5 SPEED's pet project. To the casual observer it is just a standard MX-5 but under the skin, this one is very different.

This is one of the UK's fastest MX-5s! Completely rebuilt by 5 SPEED then tuned to produce well over 400bhp but with a relentless committment to maintain the fundamental characteristics of the car.

This is no dragstrip special. This is Christine.

Open Day


2011 - Stripped.

Huge plans for Christine are underway... more to follow

December 2010

With a greater power:weight ratio than a Bugatti Veyron, Christine is not a car you want to be driving in icy conditions and she is SORN'ed for the winter. There are big plans for 2011, however...

July 2010

Christine is featured on the cover of Redline magazine, who declare it the "UK's Fastest Roadster".

September 2008

Christine is featured in Autocar magazine.


5 SPEED's Steven Morecroft purchases Christine.